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About us

To be most innovate and competitive player in the field of creative and film industry. Creating value for our partners in local and global contexts while also considering social responibility towards all parties involved.

Total area

276 thousand m²

2,970 thousand sq. ft

Built up area

54 thousand m²

581 thousand sq. ft

Permanent jobs



Studio location

The studios are situated at the cross-roads of three states in the CEE region for quick and easy access to diverse scenic locations both urban and rural



The studios are strategically located for logistical convenience 10 km from Bratislava near the boarders of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, next to highways to Vienna and Budapest, and in close vicinity to Vienna Airport (30 minute drive) and Bratislava airport (15 minute drive)


Project timeline & next steps

The project has secured all necessary pre-construction approvals and consents, building permits and commencement of construction is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024


Solid studio

A purpose-built facility with over 54 thousand m2 (588 thousand sq. ft) of studio space that includes workshops, warehouses and offices has been designed around the latest movie industry production success imperatives, including adoption of the latest visual and sound technologies and uniquely connected to a powerful data centre backbone


Stage situation

A total of 12 thousand m2 (130 thousand sq. ft) across 11 space adaptable stages

Stages R1 – R3

6 thousand m²

65 thousand sq. ft

Stages R4 – R7

4 thousand m²

43 thousand sq. ft

Stages G1 – G2

1,4 thousand m²

15 thousand sq. ft

Stages B1 – B2

1 thousand m²

11 thousand sq. ft

Stages B1, B2

Specifically designed for television projects with corresponding technical equipment


Production facillities

Workshops, stage set storage & warehouses – 11 thousand m2 (118 thousand sq. ft)



Fully equipped pre & post production offices for both on site and remote work

Film scanning and recording
Online and offline editing
Visual special effects (VFX)
Digital grading rooms
Sound mastering
Digital Dailies
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